ELTE Néderlandisztika Tanszék

Grunberg Vanfleteren(September - October)

Two of his novels Blauwe Maandagen (Amsterdam: Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 1994) (Uborkaszezon Budapest: József Attila Kör, 2000) and Fantoompijn (Amsterdam: Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2000) (Fantomfájdalom, Budapest: Gondolat, 2002) has already been published in Hungarian. At the time of his arrival his volume of short stories Amuse-Gueule (Ínyencek, Budapest: Gondolat, 2004) came out. His translator is Szabolcs Wekerle, an ex-student of our department.


In his lectures he talked about his own specific way of writing, about the function of seemingly unimportant subjects of literature, about his relation to his parents and to his country, The Netherlands, the relation of autobiographical data and fiction, and about the function of irony and humor in literature. The department organized a workshop around his long essay De mensheid zij geprezen. Lof der Zotheid 2001. (Atheneum - Amsterdam: Polak & Van Gennep, 2002) which is a kind of a paraphrase of Erasmus' famous Lof der Zotheid from the sixteenth century. The workshop where guest professor A. Agnes Sneller was also invited discussed issues as the representation of women in his essay. As a result a paper has been published in the Amos electronic journal written by Judit Gera and Agnes Sneller.


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