ELTE Néderlandisztika Tanszék

Nederlandse Ambassade zoekt receptioniste

Basic details of job


Job title: Receptionist/switchboard operator
Unit/mission: BDP-AZ/CZ
Job level: 04
Number of hours: 37.5

General features of job

  • The receptionist/switchboard operator operates the telephone switchboard and performs reception duties.
  • She also takes care of a constant stock and administration of office supplies.
  • She is responsible for sending the outgoing mail.
  • The receptionist/switchboard operator is accountable to the HBV and Plv-HBV for the quality of his/her switchboard and reception work.
  • The set rules and procedures for telephone traffic are applicable.
  • The receptionist/switchboard operator takes decisions about putting telephone calls through, referring visitors, providing information and receiving postal mail.

Possible duties

  • Operating the telephone switchboard by:
-putting incoming calls through or, if this is unsuccessful, referring them elsewhere;
-passing on messages and questions to the responsible section/person;
-taking care of replacement during short absence.
  • Performing reception duties by:
-monitoring the entrances and open the door for staff and visitors;
-she stays in close contact with the security guard to prevent incidents;
-speaking to and referring visitors;
-announcing visitors to the embassy staff member concerned.
  • Handing out / sending new travel documents to consular clients
  • Keeping stock and administration of the Embassy's office supplies by:

-receiving requests, handing out and administrating office supplies (pens, paper, cartridges, staples etc.);
-preparing new orders for approval by Plv-HBV;
-placing the orders.


Actual duties


Description of duties:
• Operate the telephone by answering, connecting people or taking messages
• Receiving clients from the Consular Section and perform basic Front Office duties
• Receiving guests of Embassy staff
• Renewing Diplomatic ID's for expats of the Embassy and their family
• Making hotel reservations
• Keeping the office supply administration and stock up to date
• If necessary perform other tasks than mentioned if they are relevant for the running of the Embassy
• If necessary provide services to HBV in the field of secretarial, administrative, translation and interpretation work

Description of result areas:
• The Embassy's incoming phone calls need to be answered at all times and as soon as possible
• Visitors need to be attended directly after entering the building
• Office supplies need to be available at all time
• Office administration need to be up to date at all time



The Embassy has in total six departments. The AZ/CZ department has apart from the receptionist 6 employees: the head of the department (HBV) , the deputy HBV, consular assistant, the administrative assistant, one driver, and a guard-gardener-driver. Together they are responsible for a professional and pleasant environment in which the other sections can perform in a successful way.



The receptionist is a friendly, supportive, flexible and pro-active person who likes to work with other people. She works well under pressure and has a high degree of social intelligence, which will enable her to develop excellent working relations with both expatriate and Hungarian members of the Embassy staff, with relations of the Embassy and within the field of customer satisfaction. She speaks a good level of Hungarian, English and Dutch language and is willing to invest effort in the development of her abilities to perform her tasks well and prepare herself for new tasks if they are added to her portfolio.


Knowledge and skills

Level of education: pre-vocational level (plus relevant courses)
Level of experience: some experience required

  • General knowledge of the organisation and its way of working.
  • Knowledge of the rules and procedures for telephone traffic.
  • Skill in speaking to telephone callers.
  • Skill in speaking to visitors.
  • With Ministry and mission staff and third parties, to connect/refer telephone calls and provide information.
  • With MoFa concerning applications for Diplomatic ID's
  • With visitors, to refer and announce them and provide information.
  • With security staff, to cooperate in controlling access to the building.
  • With suppliers of office supplies and postal delivery companies.

Other remarks (to be completed by mission)

The receptionist/switchboard operator's main task is to take care of phone calls and help visitor's. Her other tasks are of secondary importance in case her main tasks take all her time.