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Elisabeth De Bièvre nyilványos angol nyelvű előadása

Hazai események
2017-09-22 11:30
R5, room 137 - Budapest
Rákóczi út 5, Magyarország

Public Lecture of Elisabeth De Bièvre (independent scholar):

Dutch Art and the Urban Subconscious. The Netherlands 1200-1700

Thursday, 21th September, 4-5.30 PM

Public lecture and presentation of the book Dutch Art and Urban Cultures, 1200–1700.

The book presents a radical new account of artistic phenomena in the Netherlands showing how each city manifested distinctive preferences, sustained by its own particular geography and history. This approach allows us to explain for the first time how the works of such well-known artist as Vermeer, Hals and Dou differ from each other and why they could only have been made in their home towns.

Time: Thursday, 21th September, 4-5.30 PM

Place: Room 137, Department of Dutch Studies (ELTE), Rákóczi út 5, 1088 Budapest



  • 2017-09-22 11:30