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General information

We recommend the Dutch Studies Minor Programme to students who

- would like to know more about the culture of the Low Countries (the Netherlands and Flanders) in addition to their other BA subjects.
- Would like to learn the Dutch language at a high level.
- Would like to work as a teacher and in addition to their MA Major they want to take the Minor course in Dutch Studies.


Description of the Programme 

The Dutch Studies Minor Programme has its major characteristics in common with the Major Programme. However, the theoretical and scientific parts are less extensive as in the Major Programme. One of the aims of the Dutch Studies Minor Programme is to enhance the student's knowledge of the Dutch language so that it can also be used in their major subject (e.g. by reading professional literature, using a scholarships, doing research in one's own field in Dutch).
The other aim is to learn basic cultural knowledge, and to prepare the student for the MA programme. Because the Minor cannot provide the same level of education as the Major subject, the Minor students must plan their own education, if they wish to continue in the MA subject.
The third objective of the Minor course is to give, in addition to the student's main course, a suitable Dutch language and (inter-)cultural knowledge that the student can use in the Hungarian or European labour market.


Current Information:

The registration period for the Minor subject of Dutch Studies:

a/ is released annually by the Department (around May-June). Please pay attention to the information board at the department.
b/ Date indicated in the study division.


Registering for the Minor subject of Dutch:

1. describe the reason for application in an e-mail (e-mail address below) or in person at the office of Janina Vesztergom
2.    Send a motivation letter in A4 format by e-mail or in person.
3.    Application via e-mail to Eszter Simonfi (simonfi.eszter[APENSTARTJE]


For more information:  Eszter Simonfi (simonfi.eszter[APENSTARTJE]