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Dutch Studies at Eötvös University have been founded in the sixties. The Department of Dutch Studies (earlier called "Center for Netherlandic Studies") exists since 1992 and it belongs the Institute for Germanic Studies at Eötvös University The initial accent on language acquisition and linguistics changed and by now it is a subject with a full-fledged programme like any other modern philology. The chief assignment of the Department of Dutch Studies is to teach and research Dutch language, literature and culture. It embraces the language, literature and culture of two countries: the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium. Dutch Studies take five years, at the end of which students are expected to write a thesis and take their final exam.

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Staff (2022)

Since 2006 the BA program has been implemented. BA studies take three years. After having written a thesis and having taken a final exam at the end of the third year the student obtains a BA degree in Dutch language and literature.
Dutch Studies can be also studied as a minor subject.
The MA program - a study of two years - has been implemented since September 2009.

 Our Teachers' training program was also accredited in 2015.


The following subjects are given in the frame of the Dutch Studies Program:
  • language courses: speaking, writing, corresponding, translation
  • linguistics: history of the Dutch language, descriptive grammar, lexicology, lexicography, phonetics and phonology of Dutch
  • the history of literature of the Low Countries from the Middle Ages up to the present time
  • the culture of the Low Countries
  • the history of the Low Countries
  • the history of art in he Low Countries
  • didactics of teaching Dutch language

The staff of the department is doing research work as well. Dr. Erzsébet Mollay does research work on the theoretical aspects of lexicography. Dr. Judit Gera is doing comparative research in the field of Dutch art and literature. She is also engaged in cultural analysis. Dr. Krisztina Törő's special research field is the Belgian literature of immigration. Dr. Orsolya Réthelyi has written her dissertation on Mary of Hungary (1505-1558) and the queen’s court. She is presently working on the relation and literary production of the court and the towns in the early modern period. Dr. Orsolya Varga is  doing research in comparative history of translations. Drs. Roland Nagy is writing his thesis on Dutch phonetics.

Papers in Dutch Studies is a publication series published by the department. This is one of the fora where the staff is publishing its scientific results. Publications and translations are also published in literary and cultural periodicals and journals and also in book form.

Dutch literature is by now a course in the program of the PhD school for Literature at Eötvös University. The Department of Dutch Studies has got PhD students both in he field of modern literature and linguistics.

The Department of Dutch Studies runs an electronic mailing list called Dutchlist. Dutchlist is intended to facilitate person-to-person networking, exchange and dissemination of information for all who are interested in Dutch Studies, Flemish and Dutch cultural events in Hungary.